Wojciech Dzięgielewski

designer, technologist, project coordinator



1. the first stage of our cooperation is verification of needs. Send a message to info@grandplan.pl, write what you are interested in and how I can help you. The same day you will receive a reply message with a ready proposal

2. it is very often necessary to have the first meeting at the place of implementation, give in the message a time convenient for you

3. during the first meeting, a concept, a sketch, our joint action plan is created

4. subsequent stages are detailed drawings, projections, sections, selection of materials, vegetation or systems

5. consultations with subcontractors, technical drawings

6. after the completed project has been completed, it is time for the production / executive stage

7. Finally, we have to supervise the completed project

will do for you:

the project together with the interior design of the house, flat, and office

green area development plan with terrain

joinery products adapted to individual needs